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Art by Dustin S., creator of horror webcomic Mad Becky, a Monster Porn Podcast collaborbatorDustin S. – Born in a basement under a manor and buried not long after, Dustin awoke some 600 years later out of the dirt. Now a rotting corpse, he wears a skull mask to hide the decay, and after reading some comics he found in a trash bin, decided that’s what he wanted to do. Inspired by horror and madness, Dustin is a modern day underground cartoonist, aiming to draw outside of the norm when it comes to webcomics. A fan of horror, heavy metal, and cartoons, it shows through his work, his main comic being Mad Becky. You can follow Dustin on his Twitter here: @ThySmoker9 and check out his webcomic here: Mad Becky.

Nic Calavera artNic Calavera is a skeleton that draws comics using a mixture of traditional and digital mediums. Nic’s work first appeared as a front page feature on the subversive website Newgrounds in 2009. His first comic zine, Delirium, made its debut in 2012 and told stories about alternate dimensions, death cults, and cybernetic angels. Currently, Nic does freelance work with upcoming brands and creators and his publishing company Kokoro is collaborating with other artists to produce stories about phantom broadcasts and cursed books. You can follow Nic on Twitter @nic_calavera and at his website


Amberley Griffin, author, on Monster Porn Podcast. Art by Nic CalaveraAmberley Griffin contributed the story “The Heart of a Monster” to episode MPB03. She says:

“I am Amberley and I don’t know what I should write here. I’ll just write a bunch of rando things to fill in the space. Puppies. Dinosaurs probably didn’t roar. Otters are the cutest creatures on the planet. If you like Brussel sprouts you are wrong. Popsicle. I eat peanut butter from the jar. I also worry too much for the safety of bugs. And apparently I write things and make art and animate the inanimate.”

Amberley creates amazing stop motion animations! Check out her Youtube channel.

Twitter: @IamAmberley
Instagram: @fuckthelemonade

Byron F McBride on Monster Porn PodcastByron F. McBride is a poetry and short story author born in Seattle, Washington and currently living in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. His style is heavily influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Madeleine L’Engle, and Mark Z. Danielewski.

He contributed “The King’s Maze” to episode MPB03 and “Priscilla Pursued” to MPB06. Find more of Byron’s work on his blog, Dried Ink Ribbon. Twitter: @DriedInkRibbon


Josh Holton writer (@JHoltonWriter) on Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror PodcastJosh Holton is an ex-MMA fighter who took one too many blows to the head and now writes warped horror. He quit his stable office job to find fulfilment in the study and practice of storytelling. He now survives on instant noodles but loves his life.

Josh contributed the story “Spanglepuss” to bonus episode MPB08. Following him on Twitter at @JHoltonWriter.



To Edit Is Human - Explained and Unexplained Sounds Part One ExplainedTo Edit Is Human is a one-person music project from the UK. They write personal and magical songs with a focus on vocal harmonies, as well as ambient electronic instrumentals. They love to evoke strangeness, mysteriousness, and melancholy in their music.

To Edit Is Human’s track “Train” was featured in episode MP021 – “In the Dead of Tinder.”

Listen to To Edit Is Human on Bandcamp!

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