The Desolator of Abath K'nath (Puggles the Teacup Pig) on Monster Porn Horror Podcast

MP000.5 – Teaser, Cont’d

What? More teaser? Yes, special bonus teaser-age is coming your way! That’s the kind of quality foreplay you can come to expect from Monster Porn podcast. Today’s Monster: Puggles the Teacup Pig! Full episode June[…]

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Puggles the Teacup Pig on Monster Porn Podcast

MP000 – Teaser

Wherein our hosts discuss the origin of the word monster, undertake an arcane rite while under-qualified, and, finally, engage what may end in the desolation of this world.

All this in this special teaser episode for Monster Porn!

Full episodes coming June 25th!

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