MP054 – “Starbat” by Bret Norwood

Starbat by Bret Norwood on Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast
Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast
MP054 - "Starbat" by Bret Norwood

Presenting “Starbat” — When teen Eddie Adder dies and finds his shade on the moon, he also encounters Avery Case, the classmate who went missing a year ago, only she’s not dead. She’s dressed like some sort of Goth cosmic superheroine and has been sent to shepherd Eddie’s shade to the center of the galaxy…a journey to oblivion that becomes derailed by horror.

But first, Bret and Matt have rediscovered an ancient gateway buried in the sands…a gateway to a much radder world full of pow and blam and fraga-boom, a gateway to the world of comic books…Yes, Bret and Matt enter the COMICSGATE. (That’s what that means, right??)

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