MP037 – “Hunter’s Moon” [Werewolf Horror] by Bret Norwood

"Hunter's Moon" [Werewolf Horror] by Bret Norwood on Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast

MP037 – “Hunter’s Moon” [Werewolf Horror] by Bret Norwood
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Happy Halloween week! Today, Monster Porn offers up another serving of werewolf horror in “Hunter’s Moon,” the sequel to last year’s Halloween episode, MP010 – “November Moon.” When two teens venture out into the woods to execute a Halloween prank, they encounter a wounded werewolf and learn, firsthand, about a war between ancient entities.

So grab a buddy, eat him, and enjoy today’s werewolf buffet.

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Godspeed, monsterbators!

"Hunter's Moon" - werewolf horror

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