MP028 – “Red for Ribs, Brown for Brisket” [Slasher Horror / Gore] by Matt Cummins

"Red for Ribs, Brown for Brisket" Slasher Horror / Gore by Matt Cummins
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MP028 - "Red for Ribs, Brown for Brisket" [Slasher Horror / Gore] by Matt Cummins

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In “Red for Ribs, Brown for Brisket,” Matt Cummins gives us a slasher horror story set among hotel staff as the banquet manager learns the truth about his no-call-no-shows and Jim, the mumbling, mouth-breathing chef who likes meat a little too much…

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“The Zahir [Monster Porn Theme]” by Bret Norwood.
“Hidden Chapel” by Bret Norwood.
“Mirror Mirror” by Diamond Ortiz (Dating Show Theme).

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“Running Loud” by dersuperanton (CC-BY-3.0).
“Barrel Break 3” by kevinkace (CC-0).
“Electric Zap 001” by JoelAudio (CC-0).

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