MP027 – “Naranca: A Slavic Vampire Myth” [Fantasy Fiction] by Bret Norwood

"Naranca: A Slavic Vampire Myth" Fantasy Fiction on Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast
Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast
Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast
MP027 - "Naranca: A Slavic Vampire Myth" [Fantasy Fiction] by Bret Norwood

Today on Monster Porn: It’s fantasy fiction with “Naranca: A Slavic Vampire Myth.” Do you think you know vampires? We bring it back to the Slavic origin of vampires with a Ghibli-esque fantasy set in the Balkans.

“Naranca” is an outsider’s love letter to Slavic mythology, drawing on Slavic paganism, neo-paganism (Rodnovery), and folklore. What I’ve created isn’t exactly Slavic (any more than Stoker’s Dracula is authentically Eastern European), but I wanted to re-import the concept of the vampire from the source material, to make it foreign all over again.

This sort of fantasy fiction isn’t our usual fare, but we like variety here, and our key rule is that if it has a monster, it’s good to go. If you love monsters, horror, weird fiction, or bizarro fiction be sure to subscribe!

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“Blacksmith” by Alexander Nakarada (CC-0) via
“The Zahir (Monster Porn Theme) by Bret Norwood.

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