MP023 – “Pastoress: Angel of Death” Cosmic Horror by Bret Norwood

Pastoress: Angel of Death - Cosmic Horror by Bret Norwood on Monster Porn Podcast
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MP023 - "Pastoress: Angel of Death" Cosmic Horror by Bret Norwood

Today, Monster Porn returns to cosmic horror with the re-appearance of the cassocked killer from beyond the stars, known only–on Earth–as Pastoress!

If you love the tentacles and existential languish of Lovecraftian cosmic horror, get in here. If you enjoy today’s show, or want to start at the beginning, check out MP012 – “Pastoress” for the introduction of the character, though it is not, strictly, a pre-requisite for today’s story.

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“Ravens (Pastoress Theme)” composed and performed by Bret Norwood.

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Cosmic Horror Story "Pastoress" by Bret Norwood on Monster Porn

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