MP010 – “November Moon” by Bret Norwood [Halloween Horror Story 1]

Mila the werewolf from "November Moon" on Monster Porn Horror Podcast, Halloween Special part 1
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MP010 - "November Moon" by Bret Norwood [Halloween Horror Story 1]

In the first of two Halloween horror stories, “November Moon,” Monster Porn Podcast goes noble savage in a “dances with werewolves” situation! Keep your compound eyes open for the second Halloween story to drop tomorrow!

Featuring music by Katie & Russell Robison, performing “November Moon,” written by Bret Norwood.

Atmospheric samples (“Moaning of the Dead, A.wav”, “Rain, Moderate, C.wav”)¬† provided by InspectorJ ( of¬†under CC BY 3.0 license.

Elements of werewolf lore drawn from the fascinating case of Thiess of Kaltenbrun, the Livonian werewolf (

Our apologies to Dante, Virgil, and Creed.

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Mila, Werewolf from "November Moon" on Monster Porn Podcast

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