MP009 – “The Tokoloshe” by Matt Cummins

Oh my goshe! A tokoloshe!
Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast
Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast
MP009 - "The Tokoloshe" by Matt Cummins

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In today’s tale, a motel sees a lot of weird and questionable people come and go and now becomes home to a South African cryptid called the Tokoloshe, whose most notable feature is a male member that means business…but just what business does it mean?

Warning: Today’s episode contains sexual references that may be disturbing to the following audiences: normal human beings. Normal human beings not allowed.

Additional music: “Philly Crew” by Danny Kean / Doug Maxwell

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The Tokoloshe - South Africa mythology - on Monster Porn Podcast

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