MP008 – “Counsel from the Cornstalks” & “The Checkout Line”

"Counsel from the Cornstalks" on Monster Porn Weird Fiction and Horror Podcast
Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast
MP008 - "Counsel from the Cornstalks" & "The Checkout Line"

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It’s Halloween month! Prepare yourself for extra, and extraordinary, Monster Porn Podcast tentacular advances as we lead up to Halloween!

In Bret Norwood’s “Counsel from the Cornstalks,” we learn it’s best not to listen to what haunts the harvest-time cornfields, and to stay away from the mansion on the hill! But first, in “The Checkout Line” by Matt Cummins, this all seems too familiar to the talky checker. Fresh-baked bread every day!

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"Counsel from the Cornstalks" on Monster Porn Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast

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