MP007 – “Penance” and “Looking at Women from a Distance”

"Penance" on Monster Porn Horror Podcast
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MP007 - "Penance" and "Looking at Women from a Distance"

A holy-rolling double feature divinely ordained by no less than a god! In “Penance” by Matt Cummins, a poor schmuck finds himself in Hell after a car accident, except…he finds the customer service down below a little…off. But first, in Bret Norwood’s “Looking at Women from a Distance,” we take a nice evening walk to, you know, just kinda see what’s out there, you know…check out the prospects. No big deal.

Today’s feature: “Penance” by Matt Cummins
with bonus short: “Looking at Women from a Distance” by Bret Norwood

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The Gate Keeper of Hell from "Penance" on Monster Porn Weird Fiction and Horror Podcast

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