MP005 – “The High Striker” by Matt Cummins

Creepy Carny Clown from "The High Striker" on Monster Porn Horror Podcast!
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MP005 - "The High Striker" by Matt Cummins

Remember the night at the carnival as a kid when you figured out how the games were rigged and toyed with the carnies? So does that carny clown who ran the High Striker. Don’t do drugs, kids.

Today’s story: “The High Striker” by Matt Cummins.

This episode is brought to you by Hanson’s Pig Wash. Dirty pig? Get it clean.

Today’s trigger warning: all of them. Good luck in there, kid.

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Monster Porn Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast MP005 The High Striker by Matt Cummins Carny Clown

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