MP003 – “Two-Sided Sarah” by Matt Cummins

"Two-Sided Sarah" on Monster Porn Horror Podcast
Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast
Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast
MP003 - "Two-Sided Sarah" by Matt Cummins

*Note: We regret the inconsistent audio quality in parts of this episode. Due to being pressed for recording time, we took a shortcut that we will not be taking again in the future. Thank you for your understanding as you bear with us in this learning experience.*

Today’s monster: the green meteor

Like a cassette tape with a different band on each side, Sarah finds another Sarah when her life is flipped. As she adventures along one of the world’s scariest places–the jogging path–both Sarahs must face yet another “other” that has certain…intentions for her. Which Sarah will rise to the challenge?

Story: “Two-Sided Sarah” by Matt Cummins

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Two-Sided Sarah by Matt Cummins on Monster Porn Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast

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